Mazda6 vs Nissan Altima


The mid-size sedan segment has long been one of the most popular staples in the American automotive industry and for great reasons. Between legitimate space for five passengers and fuel economy that is better than virtually any other five passenger option, a mid-size sedan manages to achieve a lot without losing its humbleness. Two of the more common options in the segment are the Honda Accord and The Toyota Camry, and while they have a reputation for being worthy vehicles, they also have a reputation for being something slightly less positive: boring. Consumers who want the benefits of a midsize but don’t want to sacrifice fun behind the wheel will be well advised to take the Mazda6 or the Nissan Altima for a test drive.


The Mazda6 starts at a price of $21,495 while the Nissan Altima is priced at a slightly higher though still close $22,500. In either case, you can rest assured that you are getting an excellent vehicle for a competitive and affordable price.

Power and Performance:

The Mazda6 is powered by a 2.5L 4-cylinder engine that outputs 184 horsepower. The Nissan Altima can be had in two different engine options, a 2.5L 4-cylinder that outputs 182 horsepower or a 3.5L V6 that outputs 270 horsepower. While the larger engine in the Altima does offer more horsepower, it does cause for a drop in fuel economy that is definitely noticeable. One factor to consider in either vehicle, the Nissan Altima has a CVT transmission which will be different from what many drivers are used to and many argue diminishes performance, which may be a beneficial selling point for the Mazda6.

Fuel Economy:

The Mazda6 and the Nissan Altima both benefit the driver in offering excellent fuel economy numbers that will allow your trips to the gas station to be few and far between. The Mazda6 provides 25/37 MPG in the city and highway respectively while the Nissan Altima provides 27/39 MPG in the city and highway respectively.


Both sedans provide great interiors that are comfortable and spacious for the driver and passengers. Like Mazda has built a reputation for, drivers will find the Mazda6 to be filled with technology and convenience features. The interior dust and pollen filter ensures a more comfortable ride afar from the elements and offers technological features as standard that are generally not amongst its competitors. Drivers will appreciate the cruise control, lumbar support and leather steering wheel within the cabin.

Each vehicle offers a significantly long list of selling features that make it an attractive choice for interested buyers. Depending on your personal driving preferences, either sedan makes a strong case for itself. However, the Mazda6 and its ability to offer a performance focused behind the wheel experience, cutting edge technology and a bold design that is sure to turn the heads of even the most doubtful critics, creates a strong case for itself that is more than worth a test drive. Come and explore this exciting midsize sedan for yourself at CardinaleWay Mazda in Las Vegas.


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