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Buying a car, truck, SUV or van is a big investment. The best way to protect your investment and keep your vehicle running smoothly is to get the oil changed regularly according to the maintenance schedule recommended by the manufacturer. Many people don’t understand why it’s so important to change the oil, so we’ll go over the reasons to have the oil changed at our Las Vegas Service Center.

Engines are made of several moving parts that need to be lubricated at a shop like our Las Vegas oil change service center. Oil keeps the engine properly lubricated and prevents it from becoming damaged. Oil needs to be changed periodically because it breaks down over time and picks up dirt from the engine and the outside environment. Dirty oil can’t keep the engine lubricated properly, and if it’s not changed, it will cause engine damage.  

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The results of a recent study are surprising. One out of every five vehicles on the road are driving with dirty engine oil or oil levels that are too low. When you get an oil change, it keeps the engine working at peak efficiency and helps to ensure you won’t have to repair the engine down the road. Bringing your car in for regular oil changes is less expensive than the price of replacing the engine. Fortunately, there Las Vegas oil change specials help you save money when it’s time to change the oil.


Here are a few reasons why it’s essential to change your vehicle’s oil and oil filter.

Engine Lubrication
The parts in your car’s engine move very rapidly. Oil keeps these parts lubricated, preventing heat-causing friction that would cause the parts to wear. Different vehicles require different types of oil. If you’re unsure which weight and grade of oil your car needs, check the owner’s manual. Check the oil levels to keep the oil at the correct level.

Keeps the Oil Clean
Old engine oil contains dirt, grime and sludge. Dirty oil can cause the parts to corrode, which can shorten the life of the engine. Keeping the engine clean by changing the oil and the oil filter removes the dirt and sludge and keeps the engine working properly.

Provides Fuel Efficiency
Vehicles with engines that are properly lubricated get better fuel economy. If you don’t change your car’s oil regularly, fuel economy can drop by as much as 2%. While that may not sound like a big hit, it adds up over time, costing you money.

Increases Longevity
Cars that are properly maintained last longer. The engine must work harder if the oil isn’t clean, causing engine problems and shortening the engine’s life.

When you need expert Las Vegas oil change service, bring your vehicle to the Cardinale Service Center in Las Vegas. We’re easy to get to from all over the Las Vegas area and we’re always ready to help. We have convenient hours to serve you. Visit our website for our hours and directions, and check our service specials for money-saving coupons.

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