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If you live in the Henderson area and your car needs an oil change, be sure to take it to CardinaleWay Mazda Las Vegas. We’ll change the oil quickly and expertly. When you bring your Mazda car or SUV to our dealership for Mazda service near Henderson, our certified service technicians will use the right oil for your vehicle to keep your car’s engine running in top condition.

What happens during an oil change?

It’s essential to change your Mazda’s oil according to the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule. During an oil change, the service technician at our Henderson area Mazda service center will replace the old motor oil in the engine with fresh oil. We’ll also change the oil filter, check the levels of the fluids, and inspect the engine.

Why is changing the oil so important?

Your Mazda’s engine contains many moving parts that must be continually lubricated with oil. Lubricating these parts keep them from overheating and prevents the engine from wearing out prematurely. When oil gets old, it picks up contaminants from the engine and the environment. The oil also breaks down over time. Oil that’s old and dirty can’t lubricate the engine properly. If you allow the engine to run with old oil, it will eventually damage the engine.

How often should I change my engine’s oil?

You should change the oil according to the schedule set by Mazda. You’ll find the maintenance schedule in the owner’s manual. If you don’t know when to bring your vehicle in for its next oil change service, call the CardinaleWay Mazda Las Vegas Service Center. We’re glad to help.

Which kind of oil should I use?

The short answer is to use the type of oil recommended for your vehicle by Mazda. All oil isn’t the same. There are four different kinds of motor oil: conventional, synthetic, synthetic blend and high mileage. We’ll explain each type and when to use it. 

  • Conventional Motor Oil: Conventional oil is a good choice for most vehicles that get normal use. It comes in a number of quality levels and viscosity grades. Conventional oil is the least expensive type of oil.
  • Synthetic Motor Oil: Synthetic oil is manufactured from several chemical compounds. Since it was produced to provide specific properties, it offers the highest level of protection. Synthetic oil has a higher viscosity level than the other types, making it less likely to break down from heat. It also protects the engine from oxidation better than conventional oil. Synthetic oil is a great choice if you drive in areas that experience extreme high or low temperatures, as well as vehicles used for towing and hauling.
  • Synthetic Blend Motor Oil: Synthetic motor oil has many advantages over conventional oil, but it’s the most expensive type of oil. Synthetic blend oil combines synthetic oil with conventional oil. It provides some of the same benefits as synthetic oil at a lower cost.
  • High-Mileage Motor Oil: High-mileage oil was developed for newer cars that have driven at least 75,000 miles. This type of oil includes specially formulated additives designed to prevent oil leaks and reduce burn-off.

Call the experts at the CardinaleWay Mazda Las Vegas Service Department if you have questions about the right type of oil to use for your car or to schedule a service appointment.

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